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First Same-Sex Couple to Wed at Roman Baths

First Same-Sex Couple to Wed at Roman Baths

The historic Roman Baths in England, which date back 2,000 years, will be the sight of their first same-sex wedding, following Britain's legalization of marriage equality in July.

The ceremony between 30-something couple Alana McVey and Kirsy Hopton, happens on May 25. "The Roman Baths are pretty unique, especially when you consider how many generations they have witnessed and all the changes and progress they have been a part of," McVey said, according to "To be the first gay couple to marry in a location this only makes the significance even more poignant as it's emphasizing change and progress with gay rights in the U.K. too."

The Roman Baths, and the town of Bath, is a popular tourist spot in southwest England, about a 90-minute train ride from London. The baths were viewed by Roman invaders as a rejuvenating pools that could cure disease. Now that we're having a same-sex wedding there, how about a gay marriage at Stonehedge?

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