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Pets to the Rescue at LAX

Pets to the Rescue at LAX

In case security and the long lines at Starbucks have got you stressed out, officials at Los Angeles' LAX are taking an unconventional approach to calming things down while you wait for your next flight. As of this week, they’ll be walking dogs through the terminal—dogs you can play with and pet—to lighten the mood at the gate, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports.

The program, called PUP (or Pets Unstressing Passengers), currently includes 30 volunteer handlers who will walk their dogs, each who wear a sign that says “Pet Me,” through the terminal on two-hour shifts. The dogs are all trained therapy dogs and, according to program coordinator Heidi Huebner, they know they’re working. “The volunteers are very good about making sure [the dogs] go potty before,” she says. “If the dog has to go, the owner is going to take it outside.”

So what do you think Out Travelers? Will a pooch help you cool your jets while you’re waiting on your plane? Lets us know. 

See more about the program below.

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