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QUEST10NS: Chaz Bono

QUEST10NS: Chaz Bono Talks Travel & Opens up About His Current Love, Florence

QUEST10NS: Chaz Bono Talks Travel & Opens up About His Current Love, Florence

The star of Down the Road, now playing on stage in Los Angeles, answers this week's round of 10 questions.

Chaz Bono is a busy man. In the past few years he has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and then produced and starred in his own Emmy-winning documentary, Becoming Chaz. He penned two New York Times bestsellers. And, most recently, he has become incredibly active in the Los Angeles theater scene, appearing in ten productions over the last two years.

In his current show, Down the Road (which opened in Los Angeles last week and runs through Aug. 16), Chaz plays the mostly-charming-but-easy-to-anger serial killer, Bill Reach. Locked up for murdering 19 (or so) women, Reach regularly meets with husband and wife authors, Iris and Dan Henniman, who are working on his biography and seem to find out just as much about themselves as their subject.

We caught up with Chaz on the heels of his first weekend playing the affable Reach to ask him our ten questions:

1. Where did you travel last?
I last traveled to Toronto for work couple weeks ago, I spent less then 24 hours there as I was in rehearsals for Down The Road, and couldn’t spare any time away from that. The last vacation I had was in 2012 when I went to Dublin to do a TV show, and then met some friends who were staying in Paris for a couple days. I headed from there to Florence where I spent a few days enjoying my favorite city in the world, and finished up in London where I indulged in shopping for men’s attire and dining on Indian food, two things I think London does spectacularly well.

2. What was your best memory from the trip?
It was first time I had taken a vacation by myself. I was alone, except for the Paris portion my trip, the whole time and I enjoyed the freedom that traveling solo granted me.

3. In Down the Road, your character is known to have spent quite a bit of time traveling in his car. What’s your favorite thing about a road trip?
Unlike Bill, I don’t take a many road trips except to Palm Springs, where I go to meet up with my dad’s side of the family a couple of times a year.

4. What’s your least favorite thing?
If a trip is longer than a couple of hours, I generally try to fly instead. I’ve never been a fan of long trips in the car.

5. Your character also enjoyed a number of visits to a wooded lake. When you travel, do you prefer a rustic natural setting, the big city or a beachside resort?
My to favorite places to travel are Maui, staying in Makena or Wailea; and Florence, Italy, so I guess I enjoy both city and beach vacations.

6. What was the last play or musical you’ve seen (that you weren’t in) and where was it?
Thirty Minute Musicals, "The Craft" at the Hudson Theater on theater row.

7. Where is your favorite destination for a weekend getaway?
I honestly don’t do weekend getaways, I’m a single man obsessed with my career and trying to get it off the ground, so travel isn’t a big part of my life right now.

8. A meal you’ve had while traveling that was, by itself, worth another trip?

Every meal I have ever had in Florence, Italy or New Orleans, Louisiana.

9. One item you would hate to forget to pack?
I would hate to forget my iPad. Since 95% of the traveling I do is for work, I like to have my media with me to relax with after I finish with the speech or event I’m there to do. I have an HDMI cable with me and an adapter that lets me plug it into my iPad so I can connect into the hotel TV and have access to my iTunes library, Netflix, HBOGO, and so on.

10. Where will you take your next adventure?
I have no idea.

Down the Roadruns through August 16, 2015, Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, Sunday nights at 7pm. Lounge Theater, 6201 Santa Monica Blvd., Lounge 1, Los Angeles. Tickets are onsale at Brown Paper Tickets

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