Must See: Fire Island's Ice Palace and Grove Hotel

Must See: Fire Island's Ice Palace and Grove Hotel

If you've ever heard of Fire Island (and come on, who hasn't?) then you've likely also heard about the Ice Palace and Grove Hotel, a place that Here TV's Josh Rosenzweig calls "the literal and proverbial heart and center of Cherry Grove."

It's the largest hotel on Fire Island. It has a bar and a dance floor with a distinctively 70s vibe and wall-to-wall men filling the club and pool on weekends. The Ice Palace also hosts live entertainment seven days a week including appearances by famous drag queens, comedians like Margaret Cho and Broadway stars like the iconic Liza Minelli.

Sal Piro, general manager of the Ice Palace boasts, "You're nowhere until you've been to The Palace." Considering the longstanding popularity of the long Fire Island mainstay, he just might be right.

Watch Here TV's Josh Rosenzweig speak with Sal Piro, General Manager of the Ice Palace below:

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