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PHOTOS: The Ice-Breakers of Reykjavík

PHOTOS: The Ice-Breakers of Reykjavík

PHOTOS: The Ice-Breakers of Reykjavík

Elksa magazine takes in the men and boys of Reykjavík, Iceland, and melts some hearts.

Elska is a travel magazine,of sorts, but instead of corny photos of the leaning tower of Pisa or the Grand Canyon, Elska devotes each issue to the men and boys of a particular city. First-person, unedited stories accompany the unretouched images, giving the most direct experience possible with the people of a particular place. 

This issue is dedicated to Reykjavík, Iceland. The man behind Elska, Liam Campbell, states:

“A stunning and charming city, surrounded by some of the most eerily beautiful landscapes, the world's most northerly capital is our setting for Elska's third edition. It's also a very special sort of homecoming for Elska — indeed, the word 'elska' is the Icelandic for 'love.' Inside you'll meet 15 local boys, photographed at home and in the great outdoors. And like the previous issue, the Reykjavík men are a diverse lot — though all are Icelandic residents, we meet expats from France, Belgium, Turkey, and Brazil ... so it's not all blonds here (though we have those too!). Beyond the photographs, each and every subject submitted their own personal story, printed in their unedited original versions and followed where applicable by English translations. The combination of autobiographical stories and unairbrushed images makes this a particularly intimate issue.”

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