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STUDY: One-Third of Israelis Are Bisexual

STUDY: One-Third of Israelis Are Bisexual

According to this new survey by the Israeli website Mako and the Panels Institute of several hundred secular Jews living in Israel, 67% of participants identified as “exclusively heterosexual,” while only 3% said they were “exclusively homosexual.” The answers from the remaining 30% said they identified as being in between being exclusively heterosexual or homosexual.

The survey used a Kinsey scale, having respondents rank themselves from 0 to 6, 0 being exclusively heterosexual, while 6 was exclusively homosexual. One-third of the participants placed themselves along the 1-5 bisexual spectrum, noting they are open to sexual activity with different genders.

These results follow a two other surveys conducted by YouGov, which found that half of British young adults fall on the bisexual spectrum, as do one-third of American young adults. Together, the three studies lead researchers to the conclusion that at least a third of the population in the U.S., U.K., and Israel believe themselves to be neither "exclusively homosexual" nor "exclusively heterosexual," but instead landing somewhere on the bisexual spectrum.

The survey by the Panels Institute was conducted August 23-24, involving 600 adult participants, aged 18 and over. The survey has a +/- 4% sampling error. The results here were translated from the original Hebrew.

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