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Exclusive | Women's Travel: Canada/Mexico Part Two

Exclusive | Women's Travel: Canada/Mexico Part Two


Caf? Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive; 604-254-1195; C$6)
This funky den is located in the alternative Commercial Drive area. Serving copious vegetarian breakfasts and larger meals, Caf? Deux Soleils has a high percentage of dyke staff. Catcall, a women-only open mic session, is on the last Wednesday of the month (8 p.m.).

Melriches (1244 Davie St; 604-689-5282)
Melriches attracts lesbians and gay men by the score. Share cozy wooden tables with locals right beside Little Sister's (see below).

Lick (Lotus Hotel, 455 Abbott St; 604-685-7777)
Vancouver's only full-time women's bar, open seven nights at the Lotus Hotel, home of dozens of gay and lesbian shenanigans attracts a young crowd. It's a friendly spot, one where you can be guaranteed to get chatting to the youthful regulars, pretty much all of whom have been L Word extras at some stage. Topless bar staff and DJs till late are additional draws. Some nights feature porn readings, drag kings and uniform nights.

Fountainhead Pub (1025 Davie St; 604-687-2222)
This pub is a pleasant spot to relax, have a beer and enjoy the good tavern food. The patio is heated and either from here or through the large windows you have an excellent view of the catwalk of Davie Village.

The Majestic (1138 Davie St.; 604-669-2013) is the place to sip strong cocktails on the patio; it's a voluminous Davie Street venue.

Celebrities (1022 Davie Street; 604-681-6180)
Re-opened in 2004 after several years off, Celebrities is back in place as Vancouver's main dance destination. In addition to the excellent HerShe.

HerShe and VanCougar(Various venues; 604-684-9872 ext. 2154)
These good time parties, courtesy of FlyGirl, who also throw a splendid handful of Pride events, attract women of every imaginable type. HerShe sees stunning Asians teetering on heels, skater brats in low-slung pants, the late 30s softball set and all the city's too cool hipsters in this month's treads. Pole dancers and shows spice things up. To avoid the lines pay in at 9 or 10 and get your hand stamped early, then return around 12 when the party's in full swing. VanCougar (Balthazar?s Hideaway, 1215 Bidwell Street) is a monthly night out for a slick set of 30+s, held in a sleek venue near English Bay.

Womyn's Ware (896 Commercial Drive; 604-254-2543)
Check out this lesbian-owned and run toy and fetish wear emporium in Commercial Drive.

Little Sister's Book and ArtEmporium (1238 Davie St; 604-669-1753)
This vital community bookstore in the heart of Davie Village is 20 years old and still fighting Canadian customs with almost every book shipment over the border. Great stock of flyers, free publications, and info.

Trout Lake (Victoria Drive and 15th St)
Just south of lesbian enclave Commercial Drive is this lovely city park with fabulous mountain views and a summer produce market. Dozens of dykes with dogs saunter round the lake itself and check each other out.

Superdyke is a great site that details upcoming dyke events, from marches to benefits to bowling to parties.

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