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Amanda Palmer's Gay Guide to Boston

Amanda Palmer's Gay Guide to Boston

The musician and artist chats about a few of her favorite places, events and things in Boston.


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Name: Amanda Fucking Palmer
Age: 33
Profession: Artist, Musician, Freak
City: Boston
Relationship Status: Swingin'
Sexuality: Bi

What is the best date you ever had in this town?
Driving to Cafe Pamplona the night I ditched my senior prom and chain-smoking while we hoped people would notice our victorian costumes.

Because it was awesome.

What are some of the things you love most about your city/town?
I love it's oldness.

What are some of your least favorite things about it?
The coldness of the place and the people in it. So cold.

What gym do you like most? Why?
I hit the yoga studio (Baptiste) daily.

What are some great restaurants for a night out with gay friends there?
Columbus Cafe and the bar attached. There's a great dykey coffee shop in Davis Square called Diesel that's also a huge hang-out.

What are some great restaurants for a romantic gay date? What about these restaurants appeals to you?
Pho Republique is a great date restaurant. Dimly lit and super hip.

Is there a particular best place to "people watch" that most people not familiar with your town would find helpful?
Harvard Square used to have a bigger share of freaks, nowadays Central Square is better.


Are there any famous people from your town?
Hm. Noam Chomskly lives in the suburbs. And I think John Malkovich is still around.

What are your favorite gay bars and/or dance clubs? What do you like about them?
Jacque's Cabaret is the one. Drag bar. Inimitable.

Where is the best public place for a gay person to make out?
Try the steps of the capitol building. And twitter me when you do.

What is the gay community like in your city? Do you consider yourself to be part of any particular "scene"?
It's pretty vocal - there's a large pride parade and plenty of parties and events. And in the summer, Provincetown ain't far off, everybody ships down there. My neighborhood, the South End, is where the biggest city concentration of gays hang, but there's tons of reps in Jamaica Plain and Cambridge and Somerville.

Do gay men and lesbians hang out in the same places in your town, or is that just a ridiculous notion?
I see them mingle occasionally.

Are you involved with any LGBT community organizations there? Which ones? What do you like about those groups?
I've done some work with youth pride groups and lately with the theater offensive. People in boston are SMART. That's a plus.

Does your town have a LGBT pride celebration? Do you usually attend? What are the highlights for you? What do you like least about it?
Hell yeah. It's nothing like NYC, but it holds it's own.

Do you have a particular fashion style? Where do you shop for clothes?
Ohh, when I'm flush I hit the consignment shops on Newbury St (the Closet) and there's also the Garment District: huge vintage selection ( and the Dollar A Pound Room!)!

Where do you go for other forms of entertainment -- live theater, concerts, movies, art exhibits? Are there any local gay performance groups, bands, or artists that you're a fan of?
The Theater Offensive has now been kicking it for 20 years. They're fully LGBT and really glue things together. There's some great cabaret and drag shows (check out All The Kings Men, a female drag group).

If you had gay friends visiting from out of town for the first time, what are some "musts" that you'd recommend they see or do?
I tell ANYONE coming to Boston to hit Harvard Square and the North End. The gays should probably stroll around Davis Square and the south end too...

What city (or cities) in America would you most like to visit next, and why? Are there any specific spots there (theaters, nightclubs, historic sites, etc.) that you'd really like to see?
I've always wanted to go to Omaha. Probably because it's one of the few cities I haven't seen yet. And Fairbanks Alaska (in summer, please).

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