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QUEST10NS: Boomer Banks

QUEST10NS: Boomer Banks

QUEST10NS: Boomer Banks

The Massively Sexy Porn Star Fills Us In on the Piggy Thing He Likes and Where He Likes It Most

Cinephiles of adult, gay erotica are no doubt familiar with Boomer Banks, the Latin megastar who busted all over the scene two years ago and has been tearing up the industry ever since. In addition to just nabbing a fistful of Grabby Award nominations, Boomer appears in Drag Race alum Miss Fame's music video for her single, "InstaFame", that drops June 9. Luckily we were able to pin Boomer down long enough to milk out answers to our ten raging questions:


1. Where did you take your last trip?
Chicago for the Grabby Awards.

2. What's one thing everyone should try when visiting Chicago?
A burrito from Taco & Burrito Palace on Halsted.

3. Favorite Chicago club?
House of Blues.

4. Anyone who follows you on Facebook or Twitter knows you're into something super piggy: bacon. Where is your favorite place to have it?
BarBacon in New York City. I love the bacon quesadilla.

5. What is the most unusual preparation of bacon you've had?
There's no such thing.

6. Anywhere you haven't had bacon yet, but hope to?
There's this food truck in San Fracisco that always seems to be around when I'm there but I never get to.

7. What's the most touristy thing you like to do in your hometown, New York?
Get up early and watch the sun rise in Central Park.

8. Which of your co-stars would make the best travel companion?
We actually haven't done a scene together yet but Leo Sweetwood.

9. Who would pack more bags for a trip away: you or Chi Chi Larue?
Me. (laughs)

10. Your next adventure?
Orlando, Florida for Gay Days at Disney.





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