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QUEST10NS: Drew Droege (and THR3E for Gal Pal Chloë Sevigny)

QUEST10NS: Drew Droege

QUEST10NS: Drew Droege

Drew Droege, star of upcoming horror-comedy flick, You're Killing Me, answers ten questions (with some help from Chloë Sevigny)

You may definitely know Drew Droege from his online videos as alter-ego Chloë Sevigny. What you may not know is that the actor/comedian has appeared in pretty much everything, with guest-starring roles on Happy Endings, Chelsea Lately, 2 Broke Girls, House Of Lies, Up All Night, Key & Peele, Hot In Cleveland, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Sarah Silverman Program, and Reno 911! He also recently played Danton in the TV short "Not Looking," a spoof of HBO's Looking, and is set to appear next in the dark comedy-horror flick, You're Killing Me, with co-stars Mindy Cohn, Jeffrey Self, Matthew McKelligon and Sam Pancake. We met up with Droege to ask our 10 most burning questions.

1. Where did go on your last trip?
I went to New York last week to perform at the new Marc Jacobs fragrance release party. A quick but delicious thrillride. Like Whip-Its. Seriously, I always love going to New York. I've never lived there, but I'm there a bunch, so I'm a tourist who kinda knows his way around. I really love Harlem. It's just above all the madness, it's neighborhood-y, and the restaurantsDinosaur Barbeque, Lido, Rao'sall perfect.

2. What was the highlight? 
Honestly, the entire trip was a ridiculous dream. Marc Jacobs (pictured above, with Droege as Chloë Sevigny) is the kindest and most professional sweetheart. You can tell because everyone who works for him is happy and calm. The event was a blast. It was held at an old vaudeville theatre on the Lower East Side. The brilliant drag performer Milk greeted everyone at the door, there was heavily encouraged indoor smoking, Adriana Lima got sawed in half by a magician, and Chloë got to wear Marc Jacobs!

But the real treat was meeting my friends Jeffery, Jordan, and Eric in the village (photo below) for a late night dinner and several bottles of rosé. Our wicked laughter woke up a horrible woman who screamed at us from her loft, so overall, I'd call it a perfect night.

3. Last photo you took while there was of…?
Honestly, I took a picture of my wine on the flight home. Because I'm classy as shit.

4. Your first passport stamp came from where?
France, 1994. I went there for a week on a high school trip with some of my best friends and our French teacher, Mrs. Barefoot. We chased sheep on Mont Saint-Michel, slurped fish mousse in Paris, and got drunk in our hotel room with some weird guys who wouldn't stop quoting some movie called Dazed And Confused. And Kurt Cobain died while we were over there. I've never been back and would love to.

5. Favorite all-time vacation spot?
My friends Matt and Ginger got married in Sayulita, Mexico, just north of Puerto Vallarta. It is honestly paradise. A fishing and surfing village, a beautiful white beach with fresh everything and no street signs or clocks or regard for structure of any kind. I stayed in a house covered in iguanas
I know this is something Chloë would saybut trust me, a home drenched in reptiles is filled inside with love.

6. Biggest airport pet peeve?
All of it. Panicking people. The shoes coming off. The $9 water. The flight. The turbulence. The chairs reclining into my lap. The toes digging into my ass. But nothing is worse than that 20 minute Virgin America safety video. You all know what I'm talking about.

7. You’re an instructor with The Groundlings improv troupe in Los Angeles. Have you ever created a persona while traveling?
Oh my god, I love this idea! I've never done that, but I will. My friend Holly and I do a show together with lots of wigs, and we want to put on horrible hair pieces and hop on a plane and record it. You can do that, right?

8. Which co-star from your new movie You’re Killing Me would most likely kill you if you two were trapped together on a road trip?
Sam Pancake has tried to murder me no less than 6 times. I've never told anyone that. Please help me.

9. A recently published news item said you are a “national treasure.” What U.S. landmark is your favorite for hiding from Nicolas Cage?
The Ava Gardner Museum. Go.

10. Where will go on your next adventure?
I'm going back to the Carolinas (namely Greenville, S. Carolina and Davidson, N. Carolina, both beautiful college towns with incredible food) to see my family! We will imbibe lots of bacon and wine and horrible movies- cannot wait!


And three questions for Chloë:

1. Any summer hotspots that have recently come to your attention?
The playful cliffs of Marienbad, the children's theatre circuit of Greater Nairobi, and Greta Gerwig's dingbat.

2. With whom will you be traveling?
Parker Stevenson, Lola Glaudini, and Pitbull.

3. What items will you be packing?
A weathered burnt brass constricted thermos by Zojirushi, a series of forgotten candles, and the oral tradition.

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