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QUEST10NS: Ricardo Henriquez

QUEST10NS: Ricardo Henriquez

Ricardo Henriquez

The Chilean author just released the horror novel, The Catcher's Trap, and shares a horrible travel experience.

In his fast-paced and tense novel, The Catcher’s Trap, Chilean author Ricardo Henriquez introduces us to an entirely original, richly detailed universe filled with strong, well-developed characters trying to survive their nightmarish new world. Sure, there are plenty of horrible monsters lurking on every page, but it’s the glimmers of joy found in the despair, the humor poking through the inhumane, that may just be the book's cruelest beasts.
And, after finishing this nail-biter, we sat down with the author, who now lives in Connecticut with his husband and their dog, for a round of QUEST10NS:

1. Where did you go on your last trip?
My husband, I went to Puerto Rico. We had visited Vieques before, but we never spent any time in San Juan. It was a fantastic trip. Relaxing. Great Food, great drinks and beautiful people.

2. What is your favorite memory from it?
We spent one day walking through the rainforest in El Yunque. It was such an exciting and inspiring day. It was very scary at times because we had to do a lot more rock climbing and swimming than I was expecting, but it was all worth it. There is so much beauty in that forest.
3. What was your most horrific travel experience?
In Vieques, while I was swimming in the bioluminescent bay a jellyfish stung me. I discovered that night that I am allergic to jellyfish and had to be rushed to the emergency room. I’m not going to lie, at one point I thought that was it for me. Thankfully eventually they got me under control.

4. What is your favorite tourist trap?
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. A total tourist trap, but one that is worth every penny. What a beautiful and magical place. I’ve been there during summer and winter both times it was like a totally new experience. I recommend winter just because the snow makes it otherworldly. 

5. What should a first-time visitor to Chile be sure to see?
Go to the Atacama Desert in the north of the country. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else in the world. Entire valleys covered in dunes and salt. Flocks of Pink flamingos crossing the sky. A lagoon with water so thick you can’t sink in it and a sky at night that seems to be right over your head.  A must see.

6. Favorite local hangout in Connecticut?
New Haven. During the day, just walking around the Yale campus and admiring the beautiful architecture. At night pizza at Bar, the best pizza in the country. Make sure to have the mashed potatoes and bacon pizza.

7. Your favorite married-couple weekend trip?
Any bed and breakfast in New England during the fall. The fall in New England is beautiful and the only right way to admire it is at a cozy bed and breakfast full of antiques.

8. Favorite pet-friendly hotel?
I actually have never traveled with my dog. She hates cars, so it is not an option.

9. Club that inspired the underground party in The Catcher’s Trap?
The long gone but never forgotten Limelight. Limelight was the first club I visited in New York and the place where I experienced some of the most amazing parties.

10. Where will you go on your next adventure?
I am the vacation planner in my house, and I have a couple of places in mind that I will run by my husband (I usually put on a PowerPoint presentation for him, because I’m that crazy) I’m thinking Panama, Stockholm or  London will be on the list.

Get your copy of The Catcher's Trap at the InkShares website.

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