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QUEST10NS: Brandon Voss

QUEST10NS: Brandon Voss

Brandon Voss

"Anyone who knows me, knows I love drag shows."

On December 31, Voss Events, will stage its ninth annual New Year's Eve celebration, The Wings of Change Gala, in New York City. The black-tie evening will take place at the Royalton Hotel and delight guests with dinner, live music, art, performance, and, of course, ringing in the new year. We caught up with Brandon Voss, owner of Voss Events, that also produces Queen of the Ride and numerous events for RuPaul's Drag Race.

1. Where did you go on your last trip?
"Do work trips count?  I just got back from Vegas, L.A., and Austin on a Drag Race Christmas tour last week. My last vacation was to Mykonos in August."

2. What was your favorite memory from it?
"I love Mykonos…it's beautiful and loads of fun, but oddly my strongest memory is driving. Our villa was located off in the mountains about 20 minutes from town and everybody just zips around these cliffs in four wheelers (and most people are drunk). One of our friends got run off the road and had nobody to help him except the cow he landed next to. I exchanged my four wheeler in for an SUV and felt much better about myself. The place is just so crazy…it's kinda like anything goes there, but that's also what makes it so cool!"

3. What's the best thing about New York City on New Year's Eve?
"Ringing in the new year in the greatest city in the world makes it great in of itself. There is really something for everyone."

4. And the worst?
"Tourists and traffic."

5. What is your New Year's travel resolution? 
"To get my platinum status back on Delta."

6. Favorite place to go strictly for vacation?
Thailand. I love it there!"

7. Furthest from home you've traveled?
"I think Thailand is about as far as you can get."

8. Would you go back?
"Yes, its my favorite place in the world. It's beautiful, the people are amazing, and there are ladyboy shows everywhere. Anyone who knows me, knows I love drag shows."

9. Best travel tip?
"If you travel a decent amount always fly the same airline. And get TSA Pre."

10. Where will you go on your next adventure? 
"My next adventure is the Drag Race Season 9 tour. We visit eight cities across the country introducing the contestants from the new season. It's a work trip, but traveling cross-country with 14 drag queens is always an experience."

For more information on the Wings of Change Gala, or to purchase tickets, visit

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