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Gay Couple Wins Amazing Race — Will Gives James a Big Surprise

Gay Couple Wins Amazing Race — Will Gives James a Big Surprise

Will and James embrace after winning Amazing Race

Out Traveler adventure bloggers and backpacking boyfriends Will and James just won big.

All photos from CBS Amazing Race screenshots via Twitter.

After bad choice of taxi drivers leave front-runners Riley and Maddison behind, Will and James and Hung and Chee go head to head in the French Quarter grabbing Mardi Gras Beads. The boyfriends do the LGBTQ+-community proud in the gayborhood, getting to 50 red and gold beads first.

Next up Will searches a pile of king cakes to find the lucky baby, but then comes a real challenge for the former model: eat a half-dozen beignets. James and Will stuff themselves on the French donuts and rush to the New Orleans convention center for the next clue, where they learn James has to jump from a 180-foot bridge over the Mississippi River and find another clue hanging in the darkness. James isn’t a fan of heights, but he takes the leap of faith and gets a hold of the clue.

The couple then has to rappel down the bridge and roll an oversized blue ball to Mardi Gras World, where it turns out the ball is the globe, to which they need to attach puzzle pieces. Since Will and James studied geography in preparation for the Race, this turns out to be no real challenge, and they are off to the New Orleans Superdome.

two white men, will and james, look anticipatory at a stadium during amazing race finale


The couple makes it to the finish line first, where James gets another surprise when Will gets down on one knee and proposes. Of course James has a million reasons to say yes!!

one white man on bended knee, the other standing accepting proposal, with onlookers from amazing race finale


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