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When in...Tokyo

When in...Tokyo

The best places to stay, eat, drink and shop in the Japanese capital.

The top 11 stories of an anonymous office building house one of Tokyo?s most luxurious hotels. With 202 rooms that overlook the city?s downtown shimmer, it?s an oasis in the world?s busiest metropolis. (Marunouchi Trust Tower Main, 1-8-3 Marunouchi; +81-3-6739-7888; Shangri-La.comm)

Sukerokunoyado Sadachiyo
Traditional Japanese hotels (ryokan) -- tend to be more austere than their Western counterparts, with Tatami mats, sliding walls, and traditional public baths -- like the Sadachiyo?s Japanese cypress and black granite spa. (2-20-1 Asakusa; +81-3-3842-6431;

Gay?s Anatomy
An example of yaoi manga (erotic graphic novels written for women about gay men) by You Higashino, a leader of the genre. The book focuses on a gay love triangle at -- you guessed it -- a hospital.

Juzo Itami?s 1985 masterpiece is part Western, part gangster flick, and part food porn. It?s like Shane but in a noodle restaurant. No other film will make you want to eat ramen so bad.

The Sound of Waves
Novelist Yukio Mishima?s 1954 coming-of-age novel -- certainly a gay cipher -- tells the story of forbidden love between a poor fisherman and the daughter of a rich villager, whose lives are torn apart by gossip.

Five Things To Buy
1. Pack of Meiji Sweet 1926 chocolates (#55) from the 100% Chocolate Cafe
2. Designing Design by Kenya Hara from Aoyama Book Center
3. A balloon lamp designed by Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design from Tokyu Hands
4. Notebooks from the gift shop at the National Art Center, Tokyo with branding by Kashiwa Sato
5. A T-shirt by the Wonderful! Design works from BEAMS

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