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SPRING 2008 | Jackie Warner Weighs In

SPRING 2008 | Jackie Warner Weighs In

Owner of Los Angeles's SkySport & Spa and Bravo TV star Jackie Warner tackles her career with the gusto of the Energizer Bunny.

America's favorite lithe lesbian stars in a reality TV show -- Bravo's "Work Out" returns for its third season in March -- herds a gaggle of unruly trainers, produces the SkyLab fitness attire line, and even has her own protein bar. And she still squeezes in time for tropical getaways. Benjamin Ryan uncovers her secrets for maintaining her celebrated six-pack when she hits the road.

Do you do a lot of traveling?
I just got back from Malaya and Bora Bora, which was amazing -- the little huts over the ocean. Very private.

What are your favorite destinations?
You can't beat the Hawaiian Islands. When I travel to South America, Central America, I don't feel comfortable being outwardly gay at all. But if you go to the Hawaiian Islands, you can do whatever you want; nobody's going to harass you. Bora Bora is very gay-friendly. I'm dating somebody and I took her, and we were all over each other. [Laughs]

Do you have a fitness plan when you're there?
Nothing tops Hawaii. I'm not kidding. I lose 10 pounds when I go there. I gained seven pounds in Bora Bora, because it's French Polynesian, and all you eat is cheese and croissants. But in Hawaii the food is much more health-conscious: fish and fruits. And there's so much activity. Hikes last for four or five hours. You're constantly in the water. You're kayaking. You ride your bike everywhere.

What are some tips for staying in shape while you're traveling?
Go to the grocery store wherever you are and get your own food -- sandwiches, granola bars, snacks -- and put them in plastic packs in your backpack [for the day]. Dinner is what I like to enjoy. You should always eat protein and vegetables. And then just make sure that you've got an activity going every day, like kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, or something in the ocean. The sun speeds up your metabolism, and being in the water is fun; you don't even feel the exercise. I don't train in a gym. That's not vacation time for me.

What are the best gyms to visit when you're on the road?
I always know that Equinox is going to be a safe bet for me. Otherwise, just use your hotel gym. You can take the stairs. You can do lots of push-ups or squats. There are all kinds of variations. Running is one of them -- it's a good way to find out what your neighborhood is like.

SkySportsSpa (8500 Wilshire Blvd; 310-652-7721)

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