Hotel Allows You to Sunbathe on the Ocean, Sleep Underwater

Hotel Allows You to Sunbathe on the Ocean, Sleep Underwater

If a vacation to Paris or China seems old hat to you, try snagging a room at the new Manta Resort, and especially its floating room, off the coast of Zanzibar in East Africa.

Much of The Manta is located on land, on the coast of Zanzibar's Pemba Island. But it's the resort's "floating" room attracting all the attention. The three-level island is planted in the Indian Ocean; the top floor, accessible by ladder, is ideal for sun bathing and stargazing; the mid-level floor holds a lounge and bathroom; the bottom floor contains the underwater bedroom, with glass windows showcasing the beautiful sea creatures of the Indian.

The room is available for an extra $1,500 a night, on top of the price of regular packages available at the land resort; the cheapest option, the Garden Room, has a package for two starting at $2,475 for a week. The Manta Resort's high season is from July to February. Read more here.

Zanzibar is thought of as more gay-friendly than Tanzania, the country it's part of, but don't expect Ibiza-style acceptance as it's mostly a Muslim state. Click here for more information on gay Zanzibar.

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