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For Giving (But Not Forgetting)

For Giving (But Not Forgetting)

Tipsy Elves Sweater

Six absurd gifts for that "special" person in your life.

Let's face it: holiday shopping can be a tiresome slog when shopping for people you love. But, there's always that one person on your list that you don't know quite what to get; mostly because he or she is an awful human being. Nonetheless, it's the holidays and why not give a "special" gift for that "special" someone.

Above: For the obnoxious fashion snob in your life, online novelty shop Tipsy Elves teamed up with Swarovski to create this artful garment depicting Santa on a unicorn. Dubbed "The World's Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater," this gem (24,274 of them to be exact) will set you back $30,000. But the look on the recipient's face? Priceless.

Above, left: Having seen enough airport restroom toilet seats, we can understand the appeal for women who want to stand up while urinating. For that gal, there's this silicone Go Girl travel device ($13). It's both reusable and dishwasher safe. Wait...what?

Above, right: Remember that time the two of you went to the zoo together? Revisit those touching memories of caged animals with this Zoo scented candle from The Stinky Candle Co. ($10) (They also have scents like Skunk and Gasoline if, instead of the zoo, it was a camping or road trip that soured your relationship.)

Below: Is it a sleeping bag or a onesie? Yes! It's the Selk’bag Pursuit, Realtree Xtra®. ($129)

Left: You may want to give this one a little early and help get the recipient in the Christmas spirit. Perfect for playing on repeat during long drives to see family, it's David Hasselhoff's The Night Before Christmas album ($9 for digital album; $200 for new vinyl.)

Right: The Face Cradle Travel Pillow ($43) is the gift that says, "I don't care how ridiculous I look or that I'm blocking my entire row from the airplane lavatory, I need my beauty sleep!"

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