PHOTOS: Help Copenhagen Celebrate 25 Years of Equal Marriage

PHOTOS: Help Copenhagen Celebrate 25 Years of Equal Marriage

Twenty-five years ago, the first same-sex relationship in the world was legally recognized thanks to the Danish registered partnership law. The legislation was the first of it kind and an inspiration for same-sex marriages, partnerships, civil unions, and family laws in countries all over the world.

On the occasion of the Silver Anniversary, an exhibition: "Equal Love Silver Anniversary, Copenhagen 1989-2014,” will be held in September and October at Copenhagen City Hall, where the first couple said yes to each other 25 years ago. In connection with the exhibition, LGBT Denmark, the national Danish LGBT organization, will be collecting wedding pictures and family photos from all over the world. Send them by uploading to Twitter and using the hashtag #equallove25, or send via email to [email protected]. You can read more about the Equal Love – Silver Anniversary celebrations at

The very first same sex marriage between Axel Axgil & Eigil Eskildsen in 1989. #equallove25 #equallove #samesex #samesexmarriage

Martin og Anders 2014 #equallove25


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