The Non-Bar Gay Guide to Meeting a Man in Paris

Gay Paris - Where to Meet a Man Outside of the Bar Scene

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Ahhh, the City of Lights, the Capital of Romance, Paris is magic with a beau in your bed. But what if you're single?

Sure you could boot up Grindr or log-on to, but if you'd rather meet a man the old-fashioned way -- without downing a bottle of wine and standing awkwardly alone in the corner of a club -- there's hope. Herewith, your best bets to say bonjour to a bon ami outside of the bar scene.

Café Charlot

A ‘50s-zinc-and-white-tiled stunner. Go early for soft boiled eggs and perfect buttered toast fingers, and see if you can spot French porn star/artist François Sagat sipping his coffee.

Père-Lachaise Cemetery
Edith Piaf, Gertrude Stein, Colette, Proust, and Jim Morrison all lie in this magnificent warren of tombs and sculptures. Although now behind a glass barrier, Oscar Wilde’s tomb remains a smooch-stained pilgrimage. You never know whom you’ll catch in a reflection.

Stade de France

A guided behind-the-scenes tour takes you to the locker rooms where  some of the world’s biggest sports stars have all been… naked. You may not meet any guys outright, but that Dieux du Stade aura has to count for something. English tours on request;

Les Marronniers

With an easygoing crowd and dishes like steak frites and salmon salad, this otherwise middle-of-the-road café in the Marais lends itself to quick bites and quicker meets. 18 Rue des Archives, 75004

Sun City

It’s a bathhouse as refreshing as the French’s laissez-faire attitude toward sex. Parisians tend to only talk to their friends when bar-hopping, but don’t be surprised when everybody ends up here later.


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