Top 10 Gayest Neighborhoods in America


Looking to move to an area that’s flying a few more rainbow flags? Well Jed Kolko, the Chief Economist at real estate website, crunched the numbers. He’s taken every ZIP code in the United States and calculated the share of households owned by male same-sex couples and female same-sex couples? The gayest neighborhood in America? ZIP code 94114, a.k.a the Castro in San Francisco. Yeah, we weren’t surprised either. This is the nabe where a kerfluffle enrupted when the city tried to mandate that if you're, you must put down a towel before sitting on a park bench. (Being naked itself? A-okay.) 

The list for male same-sex couples is as follows:

  1. (94114) The Castro, San Francisco, Calif.
  2. (92264) Palm Springs, Calif.
  3. (02657) Provincetown, Cape Code, Mass.
  4. (92262) Palm Springs, Calif.
  5. (33305) Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  6. (90069) West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif.
  7. (94131) Noe Valley/Glen Park/ Diamond Heights, San Francisco, Calif.
  8. (75219) Oak Lawn, Dallas, Tex.
  9. (19971) Rehoboth Beach, Del.
  10. (48069) Pleasant Ridge, suburban Detroit, Mich.

As for the ladies, the top spot goes to Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass. I know, another shocker. But isn't there comfort in knowing where to find out kin? Here’s the top 10:

  1. (02657) Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass.
  2. (01062) Northampton, Mass.
  3. (01060) Northampton, Mass.
  4. (02130) Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass.
  5. (19971) Rehoboth Beach, Del.
  6. (95446) Guerneville, north of San Francisco, Calif.
  7. (02667) Wellfleet, Cape Code, Mass.
  8. (94619) Redwood Heights/ Skyline, Oakland, Calif.
  9. (30002) Avondale Estates, suburban Atlanta, Ga.
  10. (94114) The Castro, San Francisco, Calif.

Further analysis of their data yields interesting results. Men seem to prefer the Golden State, while women like Massachusetts. Only the Castro, Rehoboth Beach, and Provincetown make the list for both men and women. The numbers also provide an interesting view of how we live together. The top five neighborhoods on the men’s list have more than 10% same-sex couples. No neighborhoods on the women’s list reach the 10% mark and only Provincetown, at the #1 spot, has over 5% same-sex female couples. There are roughly the same number of same-sex male couples as there are same-sex female couples. Therefore, gay men seem to cluster more than lesbians. Trulia’s analysis gives even more insight. You know what they say, “Homo is where the heart is.”

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