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Virgin Announces Company-Wide Boycott of Sultan's Hotels

Virgin Announces Company-Wide Boycott of Sultan's Hotels

The chorus of voices against the Dorchester Hotels, which includes London's Dorchester and the Beverly Hills Hotel, is getting louder with Virgin founder and chairman Sir Richard Branson advocating a company-wide boycott.

Branson tweeted that he, his family, and his employees will not patronize the Sultan's 10 hotels, which serve as playgrounds to the rich and famous, until the Sultan "abides by basic human rights." The Sultan of Brunei recently initiated Sharia law in his country, opening the door to the stoning of individuals for gay sex and women who commit adultery. Women will also be flogged for obtaining abortions.

Virgin, which operates Virgin America, Virgina Atlantic, and Virgin Galactic, is an LGBT travel favorite, likely aided by Branson's open support for equality. He vociferously opposes Nigeria and Uganda's antigay laws and supported 2012's Out4Marriage campaign.

A protest happens on Monday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, one of the L.A. area's most famous properties. The Human Rights Campaign is urging all groups holding events at the Sultan's L.A. properties to cancel. The Oscar "Night Before" party was just pulled from the hotel.

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