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NYC Subways Will Now Have Gender-Neutral Announcements

NYC Subways Will Now Have Gender-Neutral Announcements

Just like the L train in 2018, the gendered announcements on New York City's MTA are disappearing.

It's been reported that the announcement that plays before the doors shut on the subway will no longer address "ladies and gentlemen," but instead use more gender-neutral terms. Bus drivers and train operators are also being trained to use genderless terms like "passengers," "riders" and "everyone."

"We're fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders to give them better and clearer information," an MTA spokesman told PIX11.

He added that the stilted announcements will be phased out in favor of more real time updates, and that conductors will have more freedom to speak with passengers. Although anyone who has ever taken public transportation in NYC knows that the more crucial an announcement is, the more likely it is to be completely incomprehensible. But at least riders will know that the garbled messages are not relying on antiquated notions of binary gender constructs!


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