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CHECK OUT: The Posters of S.F.'s Folsom Street Fair

CHECK OUT: The Posters of S.F.'s Folsom Street Fair

One of San Francisco's most notorious public events, the bondage fest known as the Folsom Street Fair, is gearing up for a weekend of debauchery.

The event's poster is making the rounds, depicting three men in the middle of some serious business. The Folsom's marketing materials for the leather and fetish event have always turned heads — especially 2007's advertisement, which referenced Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper — and this year's is straight-forward in its raciness. There's no cheeky reference to Middle America like 2009's or something like the lighthearted mugshot from 2010; just three guys getting down and dirty.

The Fair happens on Sunday on Folsom Street, from 7th to 12th streets, and all streets in between, with all gate donations going to charity. Nudity is allowed at the event, which is stocked full of "public play stations," which are pretty self-explanatory.

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