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Shot of the Day: Soarin' Over Key West

Shot of the Day: Soarin' Over Key West

We at Out Traveler are happy to announce a new daily — we hope — feature. Our "Shot of the Day" will highlight a beautiful vacation picture from anyone (but hopefully LGBT). If you have an arresting travel shot, please send it to with a sentence or two describing the details; where and when it took place, and maybe your favorite memory of that trip. Don't forget your name and where you live.

Today's "Shot of the Day" comes from Nathaniel in Omaha, Neb. He writes, "This was a trip me and my boyfriend took to Key West, Fla. in the summer of 2011 [Nathaniel's on the left]. My favorite memory of the trip was when I convinced my boyfriend to go para-sailing. He is TERRIFIED of heights, and the entire boat ride (we went with several other couples who went before us too) he is cursing at me and saying how much he hates me because he's scared out of his gourd. We get up to go, and the minute we are off the boat and floating above it, he says, 'Oh my GOD, I LOVE this!'"

For more information on Key West, click here.

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