Shot of the Day: Southern Exposure

Shot of the Day: Southern Exposure

We at Out Traveler are happy to announce a new daily — we hope — feature. Our "Shot of the Day" will highlight a beautiful vacation picture from anyone (but hopefully LGBT). If you have an arresting travel shot, please send it to [email protected] with a sentence or two describing the details; where and when it took place, and maybe your favorite memory of that trip. Don't forget your name and where you live.

Today's "Shot of the Day" comes from Sebastian in Bogota, Colombia. "This shot was taken in Medellín, Colombia, most known as the city of eternal spring. My boyfriend, Ed (right) and I spent a weekend is this beautiful city, full of beautiful people, and innovative buildings. We took the metrocable to get to the top of the mountain, where the España library is located. From here you can see all the city and its valleys. It's absolutely beautiful. Right now, we are planning to go back to Medellín next September, where a Beyoncé concert will take place."

For more information on Colombia, click here.

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