How to Get Your Flight Attendant's Attention

How to Get Your Flight Attendant's Attention

We’ve all, at one time or another (and for one reason or another), wanted to grab the attention of our flight attendant. And now Huffington Post columnist Bobby Laurie has put together a list of five right and wrong ways to do this:

The number one WRONG way: No Touching.
“You shouldn’t poke, slap, or tap them to get their attention,” he writes. “Can you imagine walking through a cabin and having someone at every poke you on either side, on your back, tap your shoulder, or even slap your behind?”

The number one RIGHT way: Be patient.
As one flight attendant tells Laurie: “If I’m helping another passenger or clearly appear to be busy, please just be patient. We are more than willing to assist you and your needs, but we have many duties and many passengers to deal with at the same time.”

See Laurie’s full list here. (Unfortunately, his column says nothing about the effectiveness of winking or writing your phone number on a cocktail napkin). 

What tips would you add to the list readers?

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