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Does Owning a Pet Cramp Your Traveling Style?

Does Owning a Pet Cramp Your Traveling Style?

A new study finds widespread guilt among travelers when it comes to leaving their pets behind.

A new survey found something you may already know: pet-owners feel damn guilty when they leave home without a pet or have to place their buddy on a plane.

The findings, from via Time, found that 5% of pet owners don’t trust airlines to safely care for pets in cargo; 73% feel guilty about leaving their pets at a kennel; and 15% admit to smuggling a pet onto a plane or into a hotel room. A large percentage, 48%, indicated they travel less since becoming a pet parent.

Americans, who have more pets than children, spend $247 annually to travel with pets, and $486 for pet care and accomodations if they leave their baby at home. Check back on Out Traveler for more ideas on how to travel with your pet.

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