Delta May End Mile-High Club, Thanks to New Bathrooms

Delta May End Mile-High Club, Thanks to New Bathrooms

News broke a few months ago that went little noticed until The New York Times Magazine touched on it this weekend: airline bathrooms, specifically on Delta, are shrinking.

The airline's new fleet of Boeing 737-900s will pare down their lavatories — currently three feet-by-three feet — to make way for four additional plane seats. Delta insists the new bathroom size will not be that noticeable. "Space is squeezed from the wall behind the sink and one exterior wall is sculpted to allow seats in front of it to recline," the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The redesigned lavs use the existing interior more efficiently while taking up less footprint space inside the aircraft,” Anthony Black, an airline spokesman, told the NYT.

What the NYT posited, and what we all want to know, is how will this effect on-board liaisons. They should be damn well impossible unless you're a yoga enthusiast.

In related news, Delta is actually expanding their footprint at one of the world's most famous airports; click here to read what they're up to at JFK.

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