Tis' the Season for Sprinting Drag Queens in Dusseldorf

Tis' the Season for Sprinting Drag Queens in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf's infamous Carnival weekend starts in a few weeks and the excitement is high; as are the heels.

The highlight of the event, attended by millions, is the huge Rose parade where drag queens race against each other in glamorous gowns and sky-high shoes. Crowds cheer, "Tunte, Lauf!" (run, drag queen!). According to Dusseldorf's tourism organization, the motto of the race is "may the fastest and funniest drag queen win."

The drag queen run started in 1995, and is typically followed by a huge dance party that raises funds for local HIV charities. This year's Carnival weekend, of which the race is part, begins February 28 and ends on March 4 — the Rose parade happens on Monday, March 3. The 260 bars, pubs, and restaurants in Dusseldorf's Old Town all welcome their doors to revelers, creating a rambunctious giant bar crawl.

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