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Exclusive Out Traveler Virtual Halloween Dance Party

Exclusive Out Traveler Virtual Halloween Dance Party

DJ Guy Scheiman

There's more than one way to celebrate this queerest of holidays! Out Traveler hosts a virtual dance party with tricks and beats served by DJ Guy Scheiman.

Halloween parties and parades from New York City to San Francisco have all been cancelled due to the pandemic, but in the spirit of the season, Guy Scheiman is delivering the thrills and chills with an exclusive dance mix for Out Traveler readers.

Guy Scheiman is a Tel Aviv-based DJ and producer, best known for his unique high-energy sound that combines progressive, tribal, and tech house with strong melodies and memorable vocals. He has headlined some of the biggest gay festivals around the world including NYC Pride, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and New Year’s Eve in Beijing. 

Listen to Guy Scheiman's Out Traveler Halloween DJ set and read our interview with him below.


Since March, when dancefloors closed worldwide, Scheiman has kept busy producing tracks for his record label, Guy Scheiman Music, as well as remixes for major label artists including Kygo, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. We spoke with him from his studio in Tel Aviv.

Is it true that there is no Halloween in Israel? 
That’s right. I didn’t experience my first Halloween until last year. 

No candy corn or Milky Ways?! No fun costumes?
Nothing. We have Purim in March.  It’s a Jewish holiday that is a bit similar. Everyone dresses up and there are street fairs, lots of parties and it's a fun, super cool weekend. 

Will you get to celebrate Halloween at all this year?
I will! I'm heading back to the states to see my husband this weekend. He lives in Denver. I’ll be moving there permanently by the end of the year. 

Will you dress up? 
I’d like to! Last year, I dressed goth. I’m thinking I might want to do something funny this year. Maybe dress up like Trump, or something scary, like a Coronavirus?

Have bars and restaurants opened up in Tel Aviv? 
Unfortunately, no. Restaurants are doing deliveries to keep business running. Bars and nightclubs haven’t been so lucky. The last time I was able to spin a party was in May when clubs were allowed to be open with minimum capacity. By June, all clubs were forced to shut down.

How has is the pandemic impacting travelers there? 
We’ve gone through two lockdowns, with lots of restrictions including the closing of airports for a while. Everyone has to wear a mask here. Fines are issued by the police to those who don't wear them, as well as to business owners who don’t follow the rules.  The restrictions are way harsher than they are in the US with a mandatory quarantine of two weeks to anyone who has traveled abroad into a red country. 

Many of us are desperate to travel again. Where would you take friends visiting from another country?
The dark rooms. Kidding! Israel is very different from the north to the south. I always suggest friends come for a week so they can explore the country. There's lots to see. Tiberias in the north and Haifa. Jerusalem is a must, especially the wall. The Dead Sea is a great attraction. Everyone loves the fantastic weather and the beaches in Tel Aviv. Of course, we’re known for our wild nightlife, too. When the world opens up again, it's definitely a country worth traveling to!

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