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Gay Games Announces Guadalajara, Mexico as “Presumptive Co-Host” of 11th Gay Games in 2023

Gay Games Announce Guadalajara as “Presumptive Co-Host” of 11th Gay Games in 2023. Interesting decision.

Gay Games Hong Kong also announced the resignation of its founder and co-chair Dennis Philipse.

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and Gay Games 11 Hong Kong (GGHK) announced Guadalajara, Mexico as the presumptive co-host of the November 2023 Gay Games. The GGHK also announced the departure of founder and co-chair Dennis Philipse. The Gay Games were postponed from November of last year to November 3-11, 2023.

“In these unprecedented times, we have to be agile and adaptable to a constantly changing environment,” Lisa Lam, GGHK co-chair, said in a statement announcing the changes.

She noted the concept of a dual-hosted event came in response to the unpredictability of future travel.

“By having Gay Games 11 accessible to participants across two locations we can ensure we meet our aim of being as inclusive as possible while international travel continues to recover,” Lam continued. “We will still be holding the first Gay Games in Asia, but potentially for the first time in Latin America as well, welcoming the widest possible audience to both cities.”

“While the Games are two years away, we are embarking on a mountain of feasibility studies and planning to be undertaken in collaboration between the FGG, Hong Kong and Guadalajara,” Sean Fitzgerald, co-president of FGG, said in a statement. “The passion of these two teams will bring to life the vision of Dr Tom Waddell and the mission of the Gay Games: participation, inclusion and personal best.”

Philipse is leaving GGHK after seven years, including the final two in a volunteer capacity. While he will continue to support the Gay Games as a member of GGHK’s advisory committee, he said it was time for a younger generation to lead the efforts.

“For me, it is now time to resume my professional career,” Philipse said in a statement.

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