Shot of the Day: Croquettes in the Sun

Shot of the Day: Croquettes in the Sun

We at Out Traveler are happy to announce a new(ish) daily feature. Our "Shot of the Day" will highlight a beautiful vacation picture from anyone (but hopefully LGBT). If you have an arresting travel shot, please send it to [email protected] with a sentence or two describing the details; where and when it took place, and maybe your favorite memory of that trip. Don't forget your name and where you live.

Today's image is from this site's editor, Neal Broverman. Neal was in Madrid earlier this year, eating his way through the beautiful city. "I was at the Mercado San Anton in the heart of Chueca, Madrid's Chelsea," he says. "The third floor of the shopping mall/food market is mostly open-air, with this restaurant, La Cocina de San Anton, getting a little bit of sunlight on a mostly overcast January day. We were at lunch, a leisurely affair in Spain, with lots of croquettes and gallons of vino. Even the office workers streaming in were getting pretty sauced. Maybe that's why everyone seems so happy there."

Click here for more information on Madrid.

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