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Fund This: Holiday Aid for LGBT Refugees in Turkey

Fund This: Holiday Aid for LGBT Refugees in Turkey

This has been an incredible year for Out100 honoree Subhi Nahas. Almost three years after fleeing rising anti-gay persecution in his native Syria, he was finally granted refugee status in the United States. In August, he made history, testifying before the United Nations Security Council in its first ever hearing on violence against LGBT people. He acknowledges that he was very lucky to have been resettled in a safe country relatively quickly, and his work with the Organization for Refuge, Asylum, and Migration (ORAM) is aimed at streamlining the process for the millions more in need. 

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Nahas, who spent time in Lebanon and Turkey before coming to the United States, knows the difficulties refugees face, and he knows how meaningful small acts of kindness can be. Therefore, he's launched a GoFundMe campaign to provide holiday aid to LGBT refugees currently living in Turkey. He explains:

"I know how very important it is to receive aid, especially when you are in a new country. I would like to help others who are currently in the situation that I was once in. I now work for an organization that helps refugees, but I would like to do this in my personal capacity."

To learn more and donate, visit the GoFundMe campaign

Photo via Flickr/Moyan Brenn

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