British Travel Company Releases Ad Featuring Gay Dads


Those of us outside of the UK may have never heard of, but the company is hoping to change that with a new ad that features all types of families renting unique properties. In their new 30-second spot (that launched on New Year's Day on Channel 4), the house-share website portrays all types of families enjoying their listed properties including two dads who are fawning over their newborn baby. 

"Our latest campaign has one core objective; to showcase the diversity within our business. Highlighting the multi-dimensional product range we have within our portfolio – from cottages to castles, apartments to pods. And to reflect the diverse society which we live in today. Stating proudly that as a brand we welcome everyone – regardless of age, race, ability, and sexual preference – to holiday with," Marketing Director Anthony Reilly said of the campaign. 

Now the bigger question, when can we rent that windmill? 


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