Grab a Glass of Wine in an Anus-Shaped Hotel


This week, visitors to the CasAnus Hotel (a Belgium hotel that translates to Anus House) will be able to sample the world-famous wines of Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The large anus-shaped hotel that winds into intestines is located in the middle of a field and was designed by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout and is located in the Verbeke Foundation Sculpture Park.

According to Alice Bown, the event's spokesperson told Vice, “…after ten years of organizing ‘classic’ wine tastings, often very boring for both wine producers and visitors, we started thinking of different ways of experimenting with wines.”

1520618848754 Verbeke Foundation Casanus Atelier V An Lieshout Ctineke Schuurmans 4

Photo courtesy Verbeke Foundation_Casanus_Atelier v an Lieshout_©Tineke Schuurmans​

Guests looking to spend the night in a butthole can book it for a night. It's suprisingly big and deep too, it can fit a double bed and has a shower (for those feeling a bit dirty). 

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