Billy Eichner
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How Canada Brought A Touch of Cool to The American Desert

Canada pop up in Nevada

This Labor Day Weekend, a Canadian tourism pop-up site appeared in the desert in the tiny town of Gerlach, Nevada. The Canada Chill Station serviced hundreds of travelers on their way to and from the Burning Man festival. Those who stopped found a place to cool off, and a chance to snag ski lift tickets for their next winter trip to the Great White North.

Coming in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave it was a welcome relieve from the sizzling temperatures outside. 

The roadside oasis, brought to Nevada courtesy of Destination Canada (the country's tourism commission), was s a custom-designed, refrigerated space where Burners and other travelers enjoyed ice cold refreshments and literally chilled out. Festival ticket-holders were also able to redeem a ski lift ticket at one of Canada’s world class resorts to experience the magic of Canada’s winter in real life.

Now, if only we could Canada Chill Stations on every street corner in the arid and roasting West!



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