Futuristic Vegas Nightclub Goes Gay

Futuristic Vegas Nightclub Goes Gay

Mandalay Bay's LIGHT club, which features Cirque du Soleil performers swinging above the bars and dance floor, is launching an LGBT event next month.

"Exposure" happens January 19, and its promoters promise a party as artistic as it is hedonistic. "Guests will be duly immersed in an extrasensory live art performance," according to The Light Group, which produces the show, "with distinctive video content integrated with unique art performances, creating a sophisticated, eccentric and sensual atmosphere."

The Cirque performers will be dressed in high fashion attire that still manages to highlight their peak physical forms. "Visual performances will be projected on the bodies of performers, creating a symphonic experience that will captivate the show-goers."

Many of the night's aerial acts, happening just over partygoers' heads, will be performed for the first time ever at "Exposure." Click here for more info.

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