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A Tour Through the San Francisco of Looking, Season One

A Tour Through the San Francisco of Looking, Season One

Audiences finally found Looking, HBO's new drama (with a dash of comedy) about three gay men navigating love and career in San Francisco.

The realism of the show is one of its selling points: Looking effectively captures the grimy charm of neighborhoods like the Castro and the Mission. The cinematography is dank, showing a not-necessarily-glam side of San Francisco: people crowd in dark dive bars, giant rail cars rumble down streets, and expensive but sparsely-decorated apartments are packed with roommates (in a very realistic twist, several characters consider potential boyfriends as potential roommates in ever-expensive S.F.).

Real Bay Area bars, clubs, restaurants, and transit are featured in the show and shown in the map below, which tracks the boys' whereabouts in the first season (click on the map icons for more information). Looking's first season just wrapped, but get ready for season two next year.

View "Looking" season one in a larger map

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