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July/August 2005 | Amazing Travel Advice

July/August 2005 | Amazing Travel Advice

After racing around the world in the latest season of CBS’s Amazing Race, West Hollywood newlyweds Lynn and Alex are ready to share some worldly wisdom

Lynn and Alex, the latest gay couple to run for the money on CBS’s Amazing Race, tied the knot in Canada on June 1. But before venturing into the uncharted realms of matrimony, the West Hollywood, Calif., couple traveled to Peru, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, and India, where they were finally eliminated from the race. Here’s what they learned on their 5,500-mile adventure:

What should be in every gay person’s travel bag?
Kiehl’s Calendula toner for the plane rides, a black V-neck cashmere sweater for going out (it’s the male equivalent of a black dress), an iPod so you can walk around and see the sights in your own way, Ambien for the plane flight, a Damron guide so you can find your local brothers and sisters, and Dermalogica total eye care for those bags you’ll be packing under your eyes.

What was your favorite destination?
Our favorite destination was Botswana, Africa, and the Kwai River Lodge we stayed at. We sat on the porch all night and watched the hippos in the river. Our cabin porch was infested with monkeys, which was really exciting. Although there wasn't a huge gay scene, the wild animals were fascinating and the safari is something we will never forget.

What was your least favorite destination?
We don’t plan on returning to India any time soon, because it holds bad memories of us being eliminated and the crowds were really intense.

Any advice for the next gay couple on Amazing Race?
If you’re on a race around the world, make a rule not to fight with your partner, and know that only one team will win the million dollars so enjoy [the trip]. You don't want to fight and be alone on the race and you never want to come home and think about how miserable the race was because all you could do was think about winning.

Did you meet any gay locals during the race?
We never had a chance to experience the gay culture. We’d love to go back to any of those countries and do an exposé on gay life through the eyes of the people who live there.

How many flights did you take?
Flights? I lost count on the first leg. All you see on TV is a line going from one destination to the other, but it took more than just one flight to get us there.

Any other tips on packing?
We packed real light because we wanted to be able to buy things along the way. Our backpacks were only half full when we started, but we brought home tons of great items, like an egg from India, a box from Africa, and a rosary from South America.

Give us one more tip.
Ask locals how much you should expect to pay for things so you don’t get ripped off!

Where are you going next?
Rosie O’Donnell read that that we didn’t win anything for coming in first during one of the race’s segments, so she invited us on board her seven-day R Family cruise, which departs in July. She felt that we were a great representation of a loving gay couple that America needs to see more of.

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