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Los Angeles

Tricia's Gay Guide to Los Angeles

Tricia's Gay Guide to Los Angeles

Guides to great cities by the locals who know them best!


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Name:Tricia Riley Hale

Age: 39

Profession: Graphic Novel Writer/Animation Artist

City/town: Los Angeles, CA

Relationship status: Happily entwined

Sexuality: Lesbian

Tricia Riley Hale

What was the best lesbian date you went on in your town? What did you do?

Best dates are always about the conversation. My first date with my first girlfriend. We met at Priscilla's Coffee and stayed there until it closed. Then we walked over to Bob's Big Boy and talked until about 2am. It was sort of fun because we're both 5'10 and blond so everyone would come by to talk to us.

Does your town have a lesbian bar or bars? If so, what's the atmosphere like?

"The L Word" mentions our bars, like Falcon, and others, and Illeane Chaiken, supposedly bases the show on the general crowd and club life in town. I would say it's pretty accurate.

If you could open a club/bar for lesbians in your town, what would it be like? What would you name it?

I would have to call my club, Slit My Wrists, because making that much drama my life profession would make me want to take a quick exit. Remember, we're talking about lesbians here.

Does it seem like there is far more things to do for gay men than for lesbians in your town?

Gay men go out more. They are perpetually single and so always on the hunt. Women nest for 3-4 months until they break up and go looking for the next Miss Right.

If you had lesbian friends visiting from out of town for the first time, what are some "must-dos" you'd recommend?

East/West is the chic, upscale Thursday night and Truck Stop is the down and dirty Coyote Ugly style Friday night. They would be entertained.

What was the last vacation you took? Where did you go?

I am about to go to Phuket and Krabi in Thailand and explore the Southern beaches.


What are some of the things you love most about your town?

Everything is accessible. You can go surfing and skiing in the same day. There are tons of great restaurants and always new and interesting things to explore.

Are any famous people from your town?

That's what our town is famous for.

What are some great restaurants for a night out with lesbian friends?

We like to go to Hamburger Mary's after we play flag football on Saturdays. The Grove has great restaurants if you want to take a date and walk around.

Where is the best public place for a lesbian to make out there (or isn't there one)?

Anywhere in West Hollywood. Though, depends on if the girl your dating is a bit more adventurous, and then I would say anywhere.

What is the gay community like there? Do you consider yourself to be part of any particular "scene?"

I am in the active crowd. Enough of us got bored of going to bars all the time and so formed things like hiking groups, flag football, basketball, and plenty of fun activities. I would say I am in the girlie/sporty crowd.

Where do you shop for clothes?

Banana Republic, J. Crew and Max Studio. Sometimes Abercrombie and Fitch.

Do you have any local celebs?

I live in LA. If you stretch you might accidentally hit one of them in the face.

Do gay men and lesbians hang out together in your town or is that just unheard of?

All the time.

Has your town ever had a "gay scandal?" If so, describe it -- but don't use names!

Any scandals that go on in our town you've probably already heard about. Well, but then there are the ton of public figures who say they're straight and they're not. Lots of those.

Do you have a hometown crush? If so, describe.

There are always women available to have crushes on. But you get to a point where you can date woman after woman or settle down.

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