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Perez Hilton's Gay Guide to L.A.

Perez Hilton's Gay Guide to L.A.

The celebrity blogger chats about a few of his favorite, local places, events and things in the City of Angels.


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Name: Perez Hilton

Age: 30

Profession: Entertainer

City: Los Angeles

Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Very gay

What are some of the things you love most about Los Angeles?

I love the diversity of Los Angeles. I love that you can go hiking in the mountains, biking in the canyons, and swimming in the ocean. I love the weather. I love the people. There may be some misconceptions about the entertainment industry and about Hollywood personalities, but there's a lot to do, and you can find really cool things if you look hard enough.

What are some of your least favorite things about Los Angeles?

The traffic, definitely. Other than that, I love L.A. You know, there's traffic and congestion issues in every major U.S. city. The only difference is that L.A. has really bad public transportation.

What gym do you like most in Los Angeles? Why?

I like the gym in my apartment complex because it's so convenient. It's right there.

What are some great restaurants for a night out with gay friends in Los Angeles?

I'd say Fiesta Cantina because it's always crowded with other gays, and they're all drinking and boozing, and they have two-for-one specials. So it's a great place to go with your friends and maybe meet some guys.

What are some great restaurants for a romantic gay date in Los Angeles? What about these restaurants appeals to you?

Well, my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles is definitely Ortolan. It really is an experience when you go there. They take food to another level. It's hard core, French food done to perfection.

What are your favorite gay bars and/or dance clubs in Los Angeles? What do you like about them?

I'd have to say it's Akbar, and I love it. It's my favorite gay bar/dance club because there's never a line to get in. There's never a cover charge. There's never any fake drama. The people that go there aren't your typical West Hollywood crowd. Plus it's like a two in one. If you want to dance there's a dance floor or if you want to relax there's a nice lounge to do it at.


What are your favorite gay parties or events in Los Angeles, if any? What is the crowd or scene like at those places?

My favorite gay party is Swallow at MJ's on Friday nights. That's Mario Diaz's party, and for a decade in L.A. and N.Y. he's been throwing the best parties. I love DJ Barbeaux, there. He plays such great music. To me, really, the most important part to any party, is great music. If the music sucks, I usually don't stay more than 10 minutes.

Where is the best public place for a gay person to make out in Los Angeles?

I'm not a proponent of people making out in public places. However in semi-public places it's ok. So if you're on the dance floor of a club, that's ok; however, if you're walking down the street, I don't want to see you making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't care if you're gay or straight.

What is the gay community like in Los Angeles? Do you consider yourself to be part of any particular "scene"?

The gay community in my city is very diverse. There's a little bit of everything. It's also very segregated. You have the West Hollywood crowd, Silver Lake crowd, the Downtown section, the Valley, and they all have a different feel. I fit into the Silver Lake/Los Feliz crowd which is a little bit more relaxed and has much better music.

Are you involved with any LGBT community organizations in Los Angeles? Which ones? What do you like about those groups?

I'm involved with a few LGBT organizations, but LAMBDA Legal is my favorite. I think they're doing some very important things in the world. Right now there's a ballot initiative that has just been passed where conservatives are trying to change the California constitution and ban gay marriages. So LAMBDA is fighting for my rights.

What do you think of the annual LGBT pride celebration in Los Angeles? Do you usually attend? What are the highlights for you? What do you like least about it?

I think this was a very good year to express pride and celebrate it. I'm usually not really big on parades, unless I have an assigned seat at a concert. So I try to stay away from parades in general.


Do you have a particular fashion style? Where do you shop for clothes?

My fashion style is that I'll wear whatever I get for free. I feel very lucky that I get stuff sent to me so I never have to worry about going out to shop for clothes. But I definitely like to have fun with outfits and be very silly and all-out. Though when I go to an event or I'm out with my friends, I'm more relaxed with my outfits.

Where do you go for other forms of entertainment -- live theater, concerts, movies, art exhibits? Are there any local gay performance groups, bands, or artists that you're a fan of?

I go to concerts all the time. That's my favorite things to do. Locally, whenever Jackie Beat has a show, I'm up for that.

If you had gay friends visiting from out of town for the first time, what are some "musts" that you'd recommend they see or do?

I would say they should go and do the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, and also visit Venice Beach and the gay beach in Malibu.

What city (or cities) in America would you most like to visit next, and why? Are there any specific spots there (theaters, nightclubs, historic sites, etc.) that you'd really like to see?

I would really like to visit Seattle because I've never been there and I hear it's a very cool, laid back, and interesting place. Also, I'd like to visit Santa Barbara. It's very close to Los Angeles so it's good to go as a weekend trip, and it'd be a nice, relaxing getaway.

Perez Hilton is a nationally-renowned celebrity blogger, friend to Hollywood's rich and infamous, and the star of VH1's "What Perez Sez". Most recently, he made his silver-screen debut with a guest-starring role in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild. For more of Hilton, head to:

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