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QUEST10NS: Julie Rei Goldstein

QUEST10NS: Julie Rei Goldstein

QUEST10NS: Julie Rei Goldstein

The Gen Zed actress discusses her history-making role and more.

Gen Zed, when it launches later this year, will be the first animated comedy to feature a trans actress in a lead role. That actress is Julie Rei Goldstein who plays Shona, one of four online gamers that moves into a Los Angeles apartment together. (The other roommates are voiced by Kevyn Richmond, John M. Keating and Emily C. Chang.)

Before her role on Gen Zed, Julie has done voice over work in a number of animated series like “Tweeny Witches” and “Paradise Kiss”, played many roles in the award-winning claymation short “Ketchup”, lent her voice to a slew of video games and appeared on TV shows including Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger.” And, somewhere in the middle of all this, she found time to answer our ten questions:

1. Where did you take your last trip?
My last time out of town was Walt Disney World. I take that trip pretty often. It's my easy escape from LA.

2. What is your best memory from that trip?
Since it was one of my solitary trips to Disney World, I decided to try something different and just ran around getting pictures with characters. The best one by far was Gaston who I had to try and explain what a lesbian is after he tried to hit on me. It was pretty hilarious. (below)

3. Gen Zed features some less-than-affluent characters trying to make it in LA. What's your favorite Los Angeles cheap thrill?
I've been running for quite a bit so I really love hiking up to the Hollywood sign. Once you get up there there's a spot to sit and relax where you can see the sprawling LA skyline on one side and the valley on the other. I spend more time just taking in the atmosphere than actually hiking.

4. What about your favorite splurge?
I always need to have a Disneyland annual pass. It's gone up almost 200% since I moved to LA and yet it's one of those items I always need to have in my budget.

5. Which Gen Zed character would you most want to share a hotel room and why?
I'd have to say Cameron. He seems like the easiest to room with; plus I have a thing for raiding on 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' regularly even when I'm away from home and he'd likely be the only one to understand the need to game while on vacation.

6. What destination feels most like home away from home?
I regularly go to Walt Disney World and just love how simple and easy they make that resort. I always wish I could spend more time at whichever hotel I'm staying at because they're so comfortable, but I can't seem to leave the theme parks before they close.

7. You've voiced characters in a lot of video games. Any game world you wish you could actually travel to?
The planet Auraxis from Planetside 2. It's kind of rugged landscape I could have a real adventure on. Also I've always wanted to be a space marine ever since I first saw Aliens when I was a kid.

8. How many stamps in your passport?
Probably six or seven. I grew up in Venezuela and traveled to a few countries in Europe and Israel for my senior trip. I've also been to Thailand, which I'd always heard about from my dad since he was stationed there when he was in the service during Vietnam.

9. Plane, train or automobile?
Planes. I just love air travel. Some people hate it, but I'll take any opportunity to take day trips even if it's just for a few hours. I think luggage handling and airline rules regarding it that drive me crazy, which is why day trips with just a carry on are so attractive to me.

10. Where is your next adventure?
Next one planned is another Disney World trip in February. This one will be different through because I'm going specifically to run a 10k and a half marathon. It's my first time running in Florida and I have no idea how my body will react to running distances in that weather.

Check out the promo video for Gen Zed below:

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