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QUEST10NS: Raphael

QUEST10NS: Raphael

Raphael Santee

The sexy electro-pop singer tells us where he has found the most troublesome boys.

When asked about his latest single "Boys Are Trouble", songwriter and electro-pop vocalist Raphael says, "[It is] a song about addiction, whether it is love, sex or the human body." In the music video for the single, which takes place in an underground fight club, the singer tries to escape the rich and violent club organizer (played by model Taylor Harris), who is also his abusive lover. "Boys Are Trouble" is also Ralphael's first single to be remixed for the dancefloor by DJ Joe Gauthreaux and the second single off his soon-to-be-released album The Dark of My Mind. Indeed, Raphael may turn out to be our latest troublesome addiction.

1. Where did you go on your last trip?
On my last trip I went to Crystal River, Florida.

2. What was your favorite memory of it?
My favorite memory was swimming with manatees. It was a actually quite funny. The water was murky so I could not see how deep it was. I kept feeling something slimey brush my knees and began to panic. It turns out it was sand! The water was so shallow my knees were on the floor of the inlet. All of a sudden I thought I saw a large rock right in front of me, which turned out to be a manatee. He was a big surprise.

3. Your song is called “Boys Are Trouble”. Where in your travels have you met the most troublesome boys?
I've encountered many troublesome boys in Miami Beach. There is a variety of guys. Out-of-towners are usually vacationing and away from their everyday life so they are more inclined to have fun. Locals are tan and taste like sea salt. When you come to Miami Beach you are asking for trouble.

4. Where did you go where you were the most trouble?
Montreal. It has a nice combination of North American and European charm. The guys have dreamy accents and are very friendly which is always enticing.

5. This is your first single to be remixed for the dance floor: what is your all time favorite dance club?
My all time favorite dance club is in Chicago called The Hangge Uppe. It's kind of a dive, but I used to go there with all of my friends, gay and straight. There's literally a dance floor for every type of music.

6. Where is your favorite local hangout for meeting friends?
I live in Manhattan in New York City, but I am staying in South Beach temporarily while I prepare for live performances. My favorite local hangout in South Beach, when I am just getting my day started, is  Pura Vida. It features extremely healthy food options like açai bowls and is reasonably priced. The people watching is also very fun because a lot of gym guys like to go there.

7. How about for a romantic dinner with a troublesome boy?
My favorite place to go for a romantic dinner in South Beach is this Turkish place called Safron Mediterranean Grill. It's fun because the food is great for sharing, and they always have interesting Turkish music videos playing on the TVs.

8. Do you tend to overpack your suitcase or leave something important behind?
I usually underpack so that I can buy new things. It gives me a chance to check out some of the local stores, wherever I am going.

9. Weirdest thing you’ve ever brought with you on a plane?
I try to fly as little as possible because I hate flying in airplanes! I'm definitely a road trip person. The weirdest thing I've ever brought on a road trip was a mannequin. I had to buckle it in in the back seat, and people always stared when they passed.

10. Where will you go on your next adventure?
I plan on visiting Europe for the first time this year. The history is rich, and the guys are sexy, from what I've heard.

"Boys Are Trouble" is currently streaming on Spotify and is available for purchase on iTunes. In the meantime, watch the steamy video here:


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