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Joel Kim Booster Teases Stand-Up Set at Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas

Joel Kim Booster Teases Stand-Up Set at Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas


The Fire Island star is getting back to his comedy roots in Sin City this weekend!

Joel Kim Booster is bringing the heat to the desert.

This weekend the actor will be taking the stage at one of the biggest festivals in Las Vegas... Life is Beautiful, which transforms 18-city blocks into an adult playground. This will be the eighth year the festival is taking place in Las Vegas, featuring other major headliners like Calvin Harris, Charli XCX, Arctic Monkeys, Kygo, Lorde, and many more.

"I'm really excited," Booster tells Out Traveler. "The last time I was in Vegas, I saw Katy Perry. I didn't think anything could top that experience, but I'm hoping that Life is Beautiful can. I have not gotten to perform stand-up in a city like Las Vegas very much and certainly not as part of a festival like Life is Beautiful." 

Booster has performed many stand-up comedy sets throughout the years and even starred in his own Netflix special Psychosexual earlier this year.

"Everything that people are going to see at Life is Beautiful is new," Booster says. "It's all stuff that I'm working on. I'm interested in new areas of my life, like I'm in a relationship now. In the 11 years that I've been doing stand-up comedy, that is not an area that I've been able to mine for comedy. Being able to try out all of this new stuff is really exciting and I hope people respond to it."



"I pride myself on not being a comic that only plays to one audience," Booster says. "It's really exciting for me, these opportunities, to get to play for a global audience and people from all different backgrounds. It really tests you. It makes you a better comedian."



Earlier this year, Booster covered Out Traveler's Summer 2022 print issue and is still reeling over the opportunity to represent the Asian community.

"As an Asian man, it is really exciting that we've entered into this moment where we're no longer just considered foreign nerds," he says. "We can be everything."

Following the success of his hit Hulu movie Fire Island, the star is looking forward to future projects, including season two of Loot on Apple TV+.

"Now after Fire Island, I feel like I'm in a position where I can be a little more intentional and I can be a little bit more thoughtful about what I want to do next," he explains. "The stakes are a little bit higher. There's a lot of pressure, but I also see it as a really great opportunity for me to really consider what I want to make. I'm so excited to go back [to Loot]. I'm so glad that we got a second season."



As the next season of Loot begins production, Booster shared his hopes for Nicholas in upcoming episodes.

"A lot was alluded to in season one about Nicholas' dating life and sex life," he says. "I would love to see a little bit more of it and not just hear about it. There's little hints throughout season one about his family. Thinking about who'd they cast as my mom and dad is a fun exercise."

Catch Booster now in Fire Island streaming on Hulu and Loot streaming on Apple TV+. If Vegas is on the books this weekend, check out his live comedy set at Life is Beautiful!


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