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Get in the Shower With Spencer Day

Spencer Day Shows to Catch in San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta & Palm Beach

Spencer Day Shows to Catch in San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta & Palm Beach

The out heartthrob strips down to get you in bed with him on his new CD.

Photo by Reisig Taylor

Spencer Day is not only one of the most talented singer-songwriters around — with five albums of original, finely crafted, bluesy-jazzy songs — the gay performer is offering fans a chance to help him create his new album, Angel City. His upcoming live shows include December 9-10 at Feinstein’s in San Francisco, December 14-20 at the Palm Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and January 12-16 at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Fla.

In the video for his Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the album, Day makes his appealing appeal from the shower, because — well, why not? As of this writing, the project was (ahem) 69 percent funded. What’s unusual about the campaign are the perks that he’s offering to high-end donors, including house or benefit concerts, personally recorded videos, and backstage VIP tickets to his shows. 

In an exclusive interview with Adam Sandel for The Advocate, Day explains that the songs in Angel City were inspired by the three years he spent living in Hollywood. “The songs are about any place that people hold up as a grail that will hold their salvation,” he says. “But no city can live up to the expectations that we heap on it to make our dreams come true.”

He describes Angel City’s musical style as, “film noir sounds combined with a ’70s Elton John-like pop aesthetic.”

Of his fundraising campaign, Day says, “I’m really excited that so much music is free today, that it’s nonmandatory to pay for it. But making the music is not a free process.” Of the fans who’ve already rallied to support his new album, he says, “It’s nice that fans don’t know where I’m going next, but they want to be there with me.”

Day grew up on a farm in Utah and officially came out (to The Advocate) in 2010 after he left the Mormon Church to seek his freedom and fortune in San Francisco. He’s since spent time in New York and Los Angeles while building his musical repertoire and a very loyal fan base. He currently resides in San Diego.

Not all of his fans were pleased when Day came out. “I’ve received maybe 30 emails over the past five years that were negative, saying things like ‘I really liked your music, but knowing that you’re gay turns my stomach.’But if people are that fickle, I don’t really want them as fans.”

While a previous record label encouraged Day to stay in the closet and present a straight image, the singer says, “Coming out was important for me. As an artist, you should live your life in an honest, transparent way. I haven’t regretted it for a second.”

For all things Spencer Day, including downloads, tour dates, and tickets, go to his website. To contribute to his Angel City fundraising campaign, go here.

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