Out Road Trip: Guy Scramble


Beach panorama
What's that you say? The glare on your monitor is making it hard to see the beautiful seacoast of Maine? So sorry.

Yesterday we spent a good deal of chilling around Ogunquit, which is definitely one of the cutest towns I've ever been to. The guys from Dragonfly Guesthouse prepared a beach basket for us:


Yes, that is the National Enquirer. Judge not lest ye be slapped.

Afterwards, we headed out for Salem, MA, to get our witch on. Along the way, however, we stopped at my favorite restaurant in New Hampshire: The Friendly Toast.


Because no one likes angry toast...

The Friendly Toast is an eclectic-kitsch diner staffed by sexy punks, which is so famous in NH that politicians make announcements and have meetings there all the time. Plus, it has fantastic decor:


This was my favorite piece:

Straight Pride 2012 wooo!

But the best part about The Friendly Toast is the food, which is delicious and generously portioned. If you go, make sure to get the local anadama bread, which puts the toast in Friendly Toast. I had some with my "Guy Scramble."

Toast2I'm a whore for avocados.

Which leads us to the whole point of this post. This brilliant tweet in response to my breakfast:

So what do you all think? "Guy Scramble?"

Other new contenders include: Love Sandwich, Threehouse (taken from the French, menage a trois, which I just learned means "household of three"), threefer, and threebee. Tweet your favorite to #NoMoreThruple!

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