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Two-Minute Cinema: Electric Daisy Carnival Hosts Same-Sex Wedding


The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) has become a must for serious festival goers and this year's event in Las Vegas was no exception. Of course, the event featured crowd-pleasing headliners like Zedd, Martin Garixx, and The Chainsmokers, but it was also the venue for a gay wedding between two EDM fans, Chris and Skye, who were married in a small chapel constructed between stages.

The ceremony, held in the "Chapel of the Future", concluded with an EDM-inspired reception at the Smirnoff House a few tents away. Smirnoff broadcasted the wedding via Facebook Live, celebrating a year since marriage equality.

Jim Sias, Director of Influence and Advocacy at Smirnoff spoke about the event:

“Smirnoff has long been a supporter of inclusivity and equality. Hosting one of the first ever legal same-sex weddings at EDC Las Vegas since the Supreme Court decision last year is something we are extremely proud of. We decided to take our commitment to inclusivity and the LGBTQ community a step further and live-stream the wedding and reception, so even folks who were unable to make it to the festival could witness the beautiful occasion.”

Watch Chris and Skye get married at EDC below:

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