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The B-52s Announce More Las Vegas Residency Dates

The B-52s Announce More Las Vegas Residency Dates

The B-52s Announce More Las Vegas Residency Dates
The B-52s

The iconic band is sharing their excitement to return to Sin City with Out Traveler.

The Love Shack is making its way back to the Las Vegas Strip!

After a slew of sold-out performances at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, The B-52s are gearing up for more exciting shows in 2024.

As they embark on their next leg of their residency in the next couple of weeks, the band announced that they'll be bringing their upbeat and high-energy concerts back to Vegas in April 2024.

Founding member Fred Schneider recently caught up with Out Traveler to chat all about the band's legacy, continued success, and upcoming Vegas shows.

OT: Hello Fred! Thank you for taking the time and congratulations on your extended dates in Las Vegas! For people who haven't seen this show yet, what are they in store for?

Fred: Thank you! We decided we didn't really want to tour anymore. It's just a chore to get anywhere, so it's nice to be in one place for awhile. People are responding well! We don't play that much so people don't get sick of us. We just want to put on a kick-ass rock show.

You have so many incredible hits that people have been listening to for decades. What songs are you performing?

We have to perform the hits, but we want to add other things and jazz it up a little bit. We add different songs to every show! People don't realize our albums sold really well, but we were like the hidden child that people didn't want to see because a lot of people think we're weird. "Love Shack," how can you get tired of that? I just really like to sing hard.

Your career spans over the last four decades and you're definitely quirky! How fun is it for you knowing that a lot of people love your signature style?

We never tried to do that! That's our real personalities. What you see is what you get. Everyone is invited to our show.

I love that you said that! Your band has been so inclusive since day one. Plus, you, Kate Pierson, and Keith Strickland identify as LGBTQ+, along with former member Ricky Wilson. Thank you for being such positive representations of our community for so long.

We just stayed ourselves. It should have been obvious that I and maybe Ricky were gay. We didn't come out until the '90s, but before then, it was dangerous. I was bullied for being gay in high school. We've totally embraced everything. We do our own thing and we support the causes we believe in.

Even though you've stayed busy in this industry for so long, are there any other projects you're currently working on?

I like writing Halloween songs, so I've already written four songs for Elvira. She's a doll to work with. I get to work with the people I want to meet, which are not your typical celebrities.

Do you ever have to pinch yourself when you see how far you've come since your early days in the band?

It's taken a long time. It was a real grind in the beginning. We had horrible management and we were taken advantage of. Our first bus tour was on this really rinky-dink bus and we found out that the bus driver only had sight in one eye! Let's just say it's been interesting. We had our ups and downs, but it all worked out in the end.

You just announced more Vegas dates in April of next year, but I have a feeling you'll be adding more shows in the near future.

They booked us for April and they want us again after that! It almost sold out already. Like... how are we doing this?! We're just so different and we touch something back in the past. I think we always put on good shows.

Last question for you... is dancing encouraged at your shows?

Unless it's a fire hazard, let the people dance! They're not going to sit down. We started out as a dance band, so the best way to keep the show going is to get everybody moving. We're so glad people are coming!

Tickets to see The B-52s at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas are available now and can be purchased here.

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