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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Invades West Hollywood

VIDEO: Lady Gaga Invades West Hollywood

Mother Monster has been a regular fixture in Boystown lately and we have video of her latest visit.

In case you've been living under a rock, Lady Gaga has been hard at work pushing her new single, "Applause." More specifically, Mother Monster has been whipping West Hollywood, the center of gay life in Los Angeles, into a frenzy. She swung by the infamous Abbey bar on Sunday wearing a bra and booty shorts. Then on Monday, Gaga hit the nearby club Micky's, filming a video, taping a drag show, and singing "Happy Birthday" to an exceptionally happy young man.

Gaga's appearance was a sensation — when she exited Micky's, the lightbulbs exploded and Gaga got accidentally smacked in the face by a fan (don't worry, she seemed fine). Maybe Gaga will take a walking tour through the area next? Maybe she'll go for a ride on WeHo's new trolley? Read more about her visit here and see video of Gaga's time at Micky's below.

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