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EXCLUSIVE: My Life: Transgender Couple in Oakland

EXCLUSIVE: My Life: Transgender Couple in Oakland

Mode Studios' has launched the new series, My Life, which takes a deep look into the lives of fascinating individuals. Most recently Claire and Jim, a transgender married couple, were profiled.

The beautiful couple takes viewers into their home to share their story. "In the future, Jim and I will have a family and I’d love to see what that future looks like," said Claire, who also opened up about past struggles she experienced trying to accept her identity as a trans woman. "I tried to commit suicide and I feel like through surviving I hope young people realize that they may not know what’s around the corner, but there is something to live for."

Claire and Jim are currently trying to adopt a child, and cameras even accompanied them to a positive meeting with an adoption agency. "I have always wanted a family, I just never thought someone would give us that opportunity to adopt," said Claire. 

Jim encapsulated the couple's sentiments perfectly: "No matter what, it’s about love. We want to love and be loved just like everyone else."

Watch the moving video below:

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